I quite like…

…playing soccer with my Mr 7. He’s been pretty impossible lately, endlessly, aggressively silly and annoying, but practicing with him brings out the best in him. He counts down the days to his futsal matches every week. His team has won all three of their games this term – all three that he’s ever played. I wonder if the shine will go off if they start losing?

…impulse buying second-hand stuff. Like an extremely cute handbag with a Chinese (I think) scene printed on it and with someone else’s receipts and $1.50 of Aussie coins in the pocket. I have found often that those impulse purchases are the things you really love and keep wearing for years, like the silver cuff I bought on impulse in an antique shop Palmerston North about 13 years ago and still adore.

…filling all the handy little pockets in new bags. All those things that I fill them with are immediately lost and are new treasures to be discovered years later, or by the next owner of the bag.

…being offered a cup of tea about every half hour by Mr 9 who has just learned how to make them. 

…using three dots…


3 thoughts on “I quite like…

  1. … Talking to people online, and finding it as easy and normal as talking to them face to face, and
    … Talking to people face to face and finding it as easy as talking to them online.

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