Being a princess is not a career.

Being a princess is not a career.

I’ve had this discussion with Miss 4. “I think being a princess would be boring,” I said. “All you get to do is wave at people and smile. Is that really what you want to do?”

She’s going to stick with the original plan and be a doctor.


By the way, the tile question has been answered. We found a nice grey with ginger flecks that blends nicely with the green carpet with ginger flecks. And bought it. A small pack of eight stone floor tiles is so heavy I can barely lift it.

I have been astonished at the pace at which this wood-burner addition has been happening. Last week DH rang the bank, and we’ve found that because we have been paying more than the minimum on our mortgage, we can still afford it if we whack the burner on it.

Monday the fireplace installer arrived, EXACTLY on time which is something I have NEVER seen before in a tradesman, laid duct-tape to show where the hearth will go, cut a hole in the ceiling, and informed us we would not need a new hot-water cylinder, they can just put the wetback on the existing one (which already has solar water heating connected). Hooray, that just saved us about $1500!

Yesterday DH cut a sample piece out of the carpet, we went to look at tile samples and ended up bringing the new ones home, as the ones we liked happened to be in stock.

Today the handyman who also happens to be my step-father-in-law is shifting the door that will have the flue running up behind it upstairs at mum and dad’s place.

Tomorrow the tiler is due to arrive at 8.30 am.

At this rate, the fire will be here on Friday, we’ll get the trees planted in the weekend and it’ll be all working by this time next week.


I was very pleased to see a link on my facebook page (yes, I still have one, but only one “friend”, and that’s the way it’ll stay) from the University of Otago, saying that 14 Research Centres have been given funding for the next five years, including the Brain Health Research Centre which sounds like just my cup of tea.

I must get round to contacting StudyLink.


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