Another step

I have christened my new desk in my new study at last, by sending emails from it to two lecturers in the Psychology Department whose research looks like it might be up my alley.

When I went into the room earlier this morning I found the following written on the A4 spiral-bound book I keep to the right of my keyboard for making lists of things to do:

MummY I
HoPe YoU HaVe
a HaPPY DaY.SinceLerLY [Mr 7]
Your Nice

He must have written it when he was in Time Out yesterday (for throwing a cushion at his sister and hitting her in the face), since the Time Out space is next to the study door. I went in and gave him a hug while he was still in bed this morning. When I told DH about it just now he got a little emotional.

Just goes to show, eh?

WHAT it goes to show, you tell me.


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