What the?!

I think I might have found a supervisor. I went to visit him today, and though we only had 25 minutes he managed to listen to what I was interested in, encourage me in it, and tell me the projects he has running that I could find a place in instead if that would be better. They involve focus groups and real live people with chronic illnesses and it sounds like something I could actually be good at. He’s asked me to send him an old assignment so he can be sure, as he put it, that I know how to string two words together. That may take a bit of digging in the old computer… it’s been a while.

He’s about six foot five. When I told Miss 4 that he was taller than Uncle P2 (she has two Uncle Ps and he’s the younger, and taller, of the two) she exclaimed: “What the!”

Then she explained, “‘What the’ is what I say when I hear someone is very taller.”


By the way, I promise that one day, when my head is less full of stuff that needs to be done, I will wax more philosophical. In the meantime, you’ll just have to put up with the stuff.


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