1, 2, 3, GO!

I’ve been thinking today I should talk about a new exercise program I’ve started. I’m using the C25K app, the free version, and finding it challenging but not so much that it puts me off doing it. C25K stands for Couch to Five Kilometres, and the idea is that you start off as a couch potato (hi!) and by the end of eight weeks you can run five k… without dying, anyway. There are three sessions per week, and (most unusually for me) I haven’t gone and looked ahead to see how the program changes as it goes along, so I’m just taking a day at a time and being forgiving on myself if I can’t quite manage the whole thing.

Today and Tuesday the program was: 5min walk, (60sec run, 90sec walk) x 8, 5min cooldown. On Tuesday I included some stretches into that cooldown walk, having not managed the last 2 run stints, and was awfully stiff all the next day – and this morning. Today instead of running round a paddock down the back of the nearby school I ran round the block – quite a long block which takes about 30 minutes at a stroll. The uphill bit at the start was a good warmup, but the uphill bit at the end nearly did for me. So again, I walked the last couple of running bits. And this time I didn’t skimp the cooldown but walked for all of it and then did a good 15 minutes of stretching. Hopefully I won’t seize up before I have to drive to church camp this evening.

Yesterday I tried a related app giving a push-ups program but it was way too hard. I think I’ll give myself a day a week each of upper body (plus core) and lower body (also plus core) strength exercises off iFitness, and then a day of aquajogging. That’s six days a week exercise, day off on Sunday. Lets see how I go.


2 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, GO!

  1. Way more motivated than me…
    I’m lazy and like sitting inside, so I kind of want to find an exercycle or treadmill or crosstrainer cheap somewhere and read my book/watch tv while I’m exercising 😛

    1. That’s always been me, too, but now I live so far away from everywhere it would take just as long to get to a gym as to go run round the block. And I bought those new leggings, so now I look the part, which makes me feel less embarrassed about being seen jiggling in public. 🙂 On the downside, they were $8 leggings from K-Mart and they fall down when I run, so I have to jog along holding on to them with one hand, trying to look unobtrusive about it… A trip to Spotlight for elastic seems indicated.

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