I been workin’, and workin’, …

But I still got so terribly far to go-oo …

I’m finding it hard to keep up with everything. Four papers, a thesis to start planning, three kids, two music groups, and a house full of drying laundry. (Yes, you can sing it if you like.)

I’m starting to really enjoy my study. I’m doing an optional presentation on music therapy to my Health Psychology class on Friday morning. I’m going to borrow the musical instruments from kindy and run a practical exercise. I don’t think I’ll even get any credit for it, but I was enthusing to my supervisor about my past work tutoring music to adults with disabilities, and he asked if I’d like to do a presentation. Why not? I said. I don’t have anything else I need to be spending that time on…

I’m also singing in a Benjamin Britten concert on Monday evening. I’ve dropped off the church music roster for the next month as I have six assignments due in May.

And Mr 7 thinks I should coach his Futsal team. I have to say, I’m tempted. I think I could probably do a better job than the coach he had this term, who managed to hold two practice sessions in the whole term. The team lost every single match. Bit depressing. BUT in the fourth term, when Futsal starts up again (because the weather is too nice to play soccer … !?) I will have exams and my research proposal for my thesis due. I don’t think it’s going to work.

I keep thinking that next year I’ll have more free time because I’ll only be working on my thesis, not four extra papers as well. Am I kidding myself?

My best thing today was chatting over lunch for an hour and a half with my brother’s partner (sister-in-love? … seems a bit twee …). Best conversation I’ve ever had with her, as we’re usually surrounded by family and kids and stuff going on. She is awesome and the things we’re each studying intersect so we have lots of common ground.

And now I had better go to bed so that I can be on time for class tomorrow which is all about reminiscing with your children. This is one thing I think I have always done right with my kids. Nice when research backs up the way you do things anyway.

Nighty night.