I’m actually writing


Well, typing. But you know what I mean.

I wrote a paragraph today that was so good I had to get up off my chair and go and get my husband to come and read it. Or maybe that was the sugar from the white chocolate magnum he’d just bought me.

Maybe it was the chocolate that helped me to write that one really good paragraph.

I hope not, because I don’t need to put on weight again. I don’t like it when my belly rolls get bigger than my boobs.

I have an assignment due in 6 days. Don’t worry, I’ve written more than one paragraph today. I’ve written quite a few. But only one was good enough to get me off my chair. I managed to take a gut feeling and work out why I was feeling it, and put it into nice, clear, concise, scientific words.

At least, I think I did. It may have been the sugar talking. Perhaps I’d better go and re-read.

In other news, I’ve joined Twitter again. If you look at who I follow you’ll know quite a lot about my entertainment preferences. There was a funny exchange between Captains Kirk and Picard over a hockey match… and Detective Ryan is doing up his garage door. I love it when we get to see that our icons are human.


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