That’s what I’m doing. Breathing. And hoping that the niggle in my throat isn’t going to turn into anything serious before I get all of this stuff done.

The slide show for the 40-minute presentation on a subject I don’t understand is finished. Yes, it probably will be almost as bad as I make it sound, though I’m a pretty confident speaker, so hopefully I can fool everyone into thinking I actually do have some clue what I’m talking about.

The article critique needs about four more pages, by Friday. I should be able to manage that.

The test on drugs (not drug test, ha ha) will be the focus of the weekend, with a break for a birthday party. I’m sitting at a 97% average mark for that paper at the moment so I’m not too worried. Brag brag.

Then next Friday is the reading journal that I was supposed to be keeping up with as I did the readings… for the lecturer who is also my supervisor… it may be an exercise in advanced BS but it’s only worth 5% so I refuse to stress.

Then his essay is due a week after that. I’m quite looking forward to having time to write that one. I’m getting back to my political roots. Scientists and artists must question the political status quo, for the good of us all!

And with impeccable timing, my battery is about to run out. It’s a sign.

Goodnight, folks.


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