A conversation

[11:22:59 a.m.] Anna : this paper is relatively easy to read
[11:23:01 a.m.] Anna : which is nice
[11:23:06 a.m.] Anna : it’s still not lots of fun
[11:23:16 a.m.] Anna : though it does involve living animals, which makes it more interesting
[11:23:30 a.m.] Anna : cos you can imagine the critters running round and exploring things
[11:23:38 a.m.] Anna : which you can’t when it’s slices in a petri dish
[11:23:48 a.m.] Anna : well, you could, but that would be disturbing rather than cute
[11:23:51 a.m.] Anna : 🙂
[11:24:34 a.m.] Sam : 🙂
[11:24:44 a.m.] Sam : you’re strange
[11:24:49 a.m.] Sam : I like you
[11:24:52 a.m.] Sam : can we be friends?

Sam’s at work. I’m at home trying to read Li, S., Cullen, W. K., Anwyl, R., & Rowan, M. J. (2003). Dopamine-dependent facilitation of LTP induction in hippocampal CA1 by exposure to spatial novelty.

We’re both working really hard.

I write a sentence or two and then take a break. I can’t speak for Sam. He’s probably actually working really hard because that’s what he does. He scores highly for conscientiousness. That’s one of the Big 5, in case you didn’t know. Also he’s a J.

Actually, I only assume he scores highly on conscientiousness. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t done any real psychological testing on him.



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