Open letter to Apple Support

Hi guys,

Do you have any idea how absolutely terrible the iTunes interface is? There are little buttons with no mouseovers that give you random pop-up menus which seem to have no connection to whatever the heck their picture is supposed to be. You can hide the sidebar menu of options by accident (or perhaps the default option is having it hidden, I don’t know) and not be able to get it back without looking up support. I can never find anything that I want to be able to do because the menus make no sense, and I ALWAYS end up feeling like crying or possibly throwing my computer across the room. Classic psychological negative reinforcement, guys. It makes me fear all things Apple.

You SERIOUSLY need to overhaul your usability. Looking pretty should come SECOND. If it looks all clean and shiny and Apple-y but all the useful bits are hidden, you’re doing it wrong.

Please sort it out. Then I might even start buying things off it. Who knows?


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