The Tao of Bullsh**

The Tao of Bullsh**

Reblogged from my brother, who I wish would come over to WordPress so I could follow him more easily. This bit made me laugh out loud:

Pellicer’s … main [idea] seems to be that if you convince a woman that there are a bunch of other women after you, it’ll get her interested despite herself. His supporting evidence is that this is what happens with fish. Another thing that happens with a lot of fish is that they spontaneously change sex if they find themselves in single-sex groups, so, you know, if you’re a guy living and working in an all-male environment you might want to start buying menstruation products just in case.


2 thoughts on “The Tao of Bullsh**

  1. Let’s see. I can easily follow WordPress blogs from my Blogspot blog, but if I came to WordPress I wouldn’t be able to follow Blogspot blogs any more. What’s my incentive again?

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