Me and Miss 4

Married mum of 3 delightful children, singer, psychology geek, Pentecostal Christian, INFP, labels galore! I want to be a clinical neuropsychologist because it sounds impressive but I can never type it right first time.

I like baking bread. I don’t like gardening.

I like science fiction, old-school murder mysteries and Harry Potter. I cannot read a book if it is too badly written.

I love many kinds of music but not the most popular ones, sadly. Pop and R&B, ick! Classical, techno, folk, weird and wonderful mashups of the above, mmmmm.

We live in a wonderful big house with my mum and dad upstairs on a wonderful 1-acre section that’s mostly steep scrubby hillside. I try to be a bit greenish without having to work too hard.

Here’s my old blog. Here’s my Twitter profile. Follow me.

I am allergic to bright blue.


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