One down, three to go

Yes, I have finished my article critique. I like Word’s grammar and style checker, especially for academic writing. It makes me think about my use of the passive voice – which when I’m not thinking about it, I do ALL THE TIME. It comes naturally to academics, of course, when we are trying to distance ourselves from what we’re saying to pretend to ‘objectivity’, if there even is such a thing.

G would be so proud.

Now I just need to remember to email it with the PDFs of the articles I was critiquing to my lecturer before 5 pm tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll forget… And then I can get on with studying for Monday’s test, and then practise my presentation for Wednesday (the one that I don’t totally understand, I just copied some of the figures from the papers I chose largely on the basis of their titles) and find some time to finish up the reading journal for next Friday. And of course keep up with the assigned readings in the meantime.

I find this so much less stressful than running a street appeal. I think this is the way my mind naturally works. I mean, noodling around on the internet finding interesting-ish stuff, following random conceptual tangents until something makes sense, and then showing off how smart I am. What’s not to love? Whereas Street Appeal was all details, details, details and getting people to do things for me. Lots of people. Who all thought they were the only one who I needed to co-ordinate with. Or so it seemed. And dealing with money, not one of my strong points.

Fundraising is a really important job and can be a very satisfying career.

For other people.