The more I write, the more I want to write…

… other stuff. Like, where you’re allowed to say “I”. Thank God I found a supervisor who does qualitative research. With reflexivity. That means you tell people why you’re doing this research and what biases you’re bringing to it. How cool is that?

Except that’s not what I’m working on right now. I’m writing for other papers, and although it’s going okay, it’s a bit like walking downtown in gumboots. Every step is slightly more effort than it needs to be, because you’re being a little over-protective… Can I back that statement up? Do I have a reference for that? Do I need a reference when I’m pretty sure it’s something I learned in class? Do I need a reference when it’s something I figured out by being the parent of a child being researched? Does my knowledge actually count? No, no it doesn’t. 

Gah. Hence why I’m here.

I’m liking being on Twitter but unless I get some followers I’m probably not going to stick with it all that long. It’s fun reading arguments between different Star Trek captains, and watching their home renovations, like I said yesterday, but it’s not exactly reinforcing. Now, if Seamus Dever ever replies to my comment, that’ll be another story…

Now I’m fretting about the tense of that last sentence. I should probably go back to my presentation for Wednesday week. Last night I added a picture of a mouse with a glowing electrode implanted into its skull. I think that particular class needs more pictures like that.

By the way, regarding animal research, I’m okay with it, as long as the animals are treated humanely, according to Ethics Committee guidelines. I eat meat too. Ya know? It’s what they were bred for, and they have a noble purpose in their life. More noble being a lab rat than being eaten.

I think I should put the computer down, go stretch etc. My brain is starting to go bubbly.