Oh, the irony

I am now reflecting on the process of writing a reflective reading journal, which, as its title indicates, is where you reflect on the articles you’ve been reading, which mostly are about reflexivity in research. Not reflectivity. I think that’s when you have the little shiny patches on the sides of the rotating platform that the mice are on so you can see it spin.

Rotate or revolve?

I think rotate.

God, I’m tired. Another day’s work on the reflexive reflexive reflective journal, it goes in on Friday morning, and then I’ve got a week to write about the connection between two works of art and health psychology. Probably with some reflexivity thrown in.

My presentation went just fine this morning. I like being in front of a class, it’s lots of fun. It’s so much easier to talk to a bunch of people who are watching you and nodding and asking questions than it is to talk to a mirror in your room.

Also I have a soft plush neuron (who I took to class and used to demonstrate just exactly where the recording electrodes went in studies one and two). Her name is now Pippi the pyramidal cell. You know? Like Pippi Longstocking, with the horizontal pigtails and men’s shoes? Did I get round to linking to the picture of this brain cell? I think I did. You’ll see why it kinda works if you go check it out.

Go on, go look. 

Meanwhile, I’m going to shut this computer and go watch an episode of Warehouse 13 and go to bed. And hope like heck that I can get away with not reading the reading for tomorrow morning’s class.

Bugger, why did I have to go and think that? Now I have to go look it up and read it or I’ll feel guilty.

Let’s see. If I can read it in, like, five minutes flat (who cares about comprehension, eh? – think of Calvin and Hobbes), then I reckon I can squeeze in some delightfully daft telly before bed.

Sorry, this is way more stream-of-consciousness than usual.

God I’m tired.