I just read back through my last few posts. I feel a couple of updates are in order:

I have stepped down from one of the music groups, my church worship team. It was a heavy commitment and required a lot of responsibility and practice. I didn’t have the time to give it all it needed to do a good job, and I refuse to do a bad job. The team leader agreed with me that my studies need to be a higher priority at the moment.

I feel so much lighter! There is room in my brain! Plus, I can sing and listen to worship music and worship without having to plan my next list or mentally rehearse the keyboard parts! This is good.

The choir concert went pretty well. I don’t get nervous about them any more. Or maybe I just didn’t get nervous about this one because it wasn’t just our choir performing, there were two other choirs as well. Less pressure.

My presentation on music therapy went well as well. Well well. One of my classmates told me afterwards, “you’re a really good speaker!” And I had fun chatting with the kindy kids picking up and later returning their musical instruments. About four of the kids helped me, and had goes trying on my glasses. As you do.

As for the exercise, I’ve kind of, um, stopped completely. I got really tired, probably from overdoing everything, and then decided I looked frumpy going to class in my comfy but butt-ugly gym shoes, and then I got busy, and now they’re doing up my lab so I don’t have anywhere to leave my HEAVY bag to go to the gym, and the weather’s getting cold, and I have a cold, and, and, and …

Apparently if you come up with more than two or three reasons for doing something, you don’t really believe what you’re saying and are just trying to convince yourself.

It’s Mother’s Day today (or should that be Mothers’ Day?) and I got breakfast in bed, four hand-made cards and a cute plush stuffed neuron. I think it’s a pyramidal cell. I’m thinking about attaching it somehow to my backpack.

I like my life.


I had a 90 minute one-on-one session with a personal trainer at a very new, impressively equipped gym today for … guess how much.

No really. Guess.


Okay. Sixteen dollars. And gym membership is free. I love being a student!

I think I’ve lost about 3 cm off my hips and 2 cm off my waist since I started C25K and doing weights at home. Now I just need to keep up with the programme. I didn’t go running yesterday because it was raining and I’m not quite that hardcore yet, so I’ll need to make sure I don’t wuss out tomorrow. I’m loving how it’s making me feel, and I was happy that I could manage all the exercises I was given today without too much trouble. Also, praise God that I’m well enough to do this at last!

I’m also enjoying being able to say yes to lots of things that I have had to say no to for a long time. I’ve been asked if I can help out the Cathedral choir for the next couple of weeks as they have a soprano crisis, and although I won’t be able to do any Sunday mornings because I’m rostered on at my own church, I should be able to sing Allegri’s Miserere with them for Ash Wednesday. YAY!!! That’s a beautiful piece of music, and whatever the choir members themselves believe, I will be singing it this time in a liturgical setting, not a secular one, and I am looking forward to that.

On the other hand, I would never join the Cathedral Choir. One reason I won’t encourage my kids to join the traditional church choir is because, from my experience singing with a few things with another church choir, the majority of the choir members – including the choir director – don’t believe a word of what they’re singing. Singing Christian music in a secular setting with a (really good!) secular choir is wonderful, and singing or playing with a faith-filled, Holy Spirit-minded team and leader for the purpose of leading a congregation in worship of the Living God is fantastic, but singing the words with a bunch of people who don’t care about their meaning to a bunch of people who should care but no-one cares if they care… is soul-destroying.

It’s been suggested by a visiting speaker recently in our church that having non-Christians in the worship team could be a very good thing, not a bad one. I’m inclined to agree – Jesus was all about people belonging and being welcomed, no matter who they were or what they’d done or believed – but the leader of the team must be guided by the Spirit. Otherwise we’re just putting on a concert punctuated by lectures and announcements, and we might as well sit at home and listen to the radio.

Body and soul

A shining moment

I sang in a concert today. It was lovely. I made two mistakes, one small one in my great big solo, and one quite big one, which was not as big as the one the tenors made which meant we had to abandon a piece halfway through. We finished the concert bang on time.

I got a $45 parking ticket.

That’s all the concerts over. My boys did well in their school shows – well enough, anyway – and my girl was happy enough in her ballet show and did not end up covered in lipstick this year. She’s not taking ballet next year, but will be going to gym with her brothers. I need to decide whether to keep the $50 ballet shoes for dress-ups or sell them for $15.

Now we have two more kindy friend birthday parties, the choir’s end-of-year drinks, DH’s birthday, the end-of-year service at work that I’m now playing piano for since the organists are unavailable, and my farewell morning tea at work. Plus whatever music I get rostered on for at church. Plus the kids’ service that Mr 9 is doing some kind of filming stuff for. Plus my niece’s birthday. (She’s in a different city so I’m not too stressed about that – plus I already have her present.) Have I missed anything?


I hate this time of year. The stress and running around is making me dizzy again, just a little. Sometimes it helps to remember that the Holy Family were at least as stressed as we all are, right now, travelling while heavily pregnant for the damn census, crowded, nowhere to stay, absolutely exhausted. And then the baby arrives and there’s this crazy, shining moment in the middle of it all… and then there are people after them and they have to run away, far from home, because someone is literally trying to kill him. Their baby boy.

I mean, what the heck!

And now I’ve had my moment of meditation and reflection, it’s time to go and think about tea. We’ve eaten junk food a bit this week already so I should probably see if I can find something healthy-ish. A shining moment of vegetables in the midst of a mire of chips.