My Space

I have a new computer! It’s a laptop, but I have it set up in my office (heh heh, MY office, actually “the” book room which is mostly full of Dad’s books with a corner desk built in for me) with keyboard, mouse, box to put the laptop on so the monitor is at eye height, new mouse pad, planning notebook, coaster for a cup, pinboard, pencil tin (currently empty), and our degrees and a couple of small pieces of art on the wall to my left. I have red velvet curtains behind the screen, and behind the red velvet curtains is the ivy-covered bank outside.

Now I just need something to write.

And a document holder, external hard drive, laptop backpack, printer, shelves for printer and paper, sticky labels, and a rubbish bin.

The walls in here are 90s textured creamy-ochrey-yellow and there’s a skylight in the ceiling above and behind my head. It smells of old books, because of Dad’s aforementioned hoarding tendencies library. I am very comfortable. It is cool and quiet. Let’s hope this will be a productive space for the next five years or so, and not just a refuge from family chaos!


Pretty Murderous Today

I’m in a bad mood today – or at least a bad mood seems to be very close to the surface, prepared to break through at the slightest provocation.

It seems to be a day of being told off by people who don’t usually tell me off. My song choices this morning for leading worship at church were a little controversial, and my Aspie twin brother made several digs while he was here this evening for tea and choir-music practice. He normally just rolls his eyes at me.

I have a bad cold so I can’t sing properly, which made both leading music at church and practising for tomorrow’s choir rehearsal difficult, and now DH is getting to read Harry Potter 7 to Mr 9. It’s the chapter where they end up riding a dragon. Darn it!

I haven’t had any decent amount of exercise for a long time.

It’s still another month and a half until I quit work, so my motivation is low but I still have to get stuff ready for my successor. At the same time, as I wrote about yesterday, I’m nervous about next year and all the stuff I have to do for it.

The house is a mess as we try to fit the same amount of furniture in a reduced amount of space so the fire can go in. The tiler hasn’t finished his job – the hole in the carpet is still raw-edged. DH finally got round to finishing painting the boys’ bedroom skirting boards today, so their room was also a complete shambles, so they had to play either in the untidy living room or in their sister’s room, as it was cold, wet and windy outside. Which means we have a rack of laundry in the living room as well.

And it’s that time of the month.

But I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.


Why is it called a “cold” when it makes everything feel hot? Eyes, inside of nose, throat, and I think someone was having a go at my left tonsil with a potato peeler while I slept. The brain is fuzzy and the energy is low.

With a day off work, and no facebook account, I have spent my day muzzily pondering things. Like:

Is it actually possible to have sex accidentally (barring rape)?

What is the reverse of a she-male? (DH suggested he-fem. What do you think?) Was my friendly bus driver actually trying to look like a man, so would it count as such?

Will having dark grey tiles, a red wood-burner and an off-white wall panel behind it add too many additional colours to a room that is predominantly green and pale yellow and rimu? Should we go with tiles to match the carpet?

Is a lively, informal church by its very nature inimical and unfriendly to shy people? Is it possible to make friends by means of a system?

Three of those questions are topics in themselves, to be covered perhaps when I’m not so muzzy. The tile question can only be answered by samples.