My son’s name is one syllable

I just noticed that the little note he wrote me the other day was a haiku too. He doesn’t know what they are. 

I think I should probably be in bed.


On a tiny screen

Now that DH has got his game programming mojo back, I may need to hurry up and buy my own laptop. Mr 9 on the desktop, DH on the laptop and here I am blogging on the iPod. Not really ideal. Conducive to a telegraphic style, to which I am prone anyway.

I spent an hour today with one of those potential supergiants HAHAHAHAAA AUTOCORRECT FTW!!! _supervisors_ I mentioned last time. He seemed nice, but very TJ to my FP. I couldn’t change the course of the flow of information by asking questions, for example: he had it all laid out in his mind and that was how it was going to go.

Hopefully the chap I’m seeing on Tuesday will be more congenial.

Wednesday’s haiku:
highway heat shimmer
AC cold air smoke sharp at
the back of the throat