To fat chicks who go running through town

Thank you. Thank you for not being ashamed of your unfashionable body shape. Thank you for doing something hard. Thank you for letting me see you. Thank you for inspiring me with the belief that if you can do it, so can I.

Thank you for making me believe that if you inspire me, I could inspire someone else.

I might go for a run this afternoon.



That’s what I’m doing. Breathing. And hoping that the niggle in my throat isn’t going to turn into anything serious before I get all of this stuff done.

The slide show for the 40-minute presentation on a subject I don’t understand is finished. Yes, it probably will be almost as bad as I make it sound, though I’m a pretty confident speaker, so hopefully I can fool everyone into thinking I actually do have some clue what I’m talking about.

The article critique needs about four more pages, by Friday. I should be able to manage that.

The test on drugs (not drug test, ha ha) will be the focus of the weekend, with a break for a birthday party. I’m sitting at a 97% average mark for that paper at the moment so I’m not too worried. Brag brag.

Then next Friday is the reading journal that I was supposed to be keeping up with as I did the readings… for the lecturer who is also my supervisor… it may be an exercise in advanced BS but it’s only worth 5% so I refuse to stress.

Then his essay is due a week after that. I’m quite looking forward to having time to write that one. I’m getting back to my political roots. Scientists and artists must question the political status quo, for the good of us all!

And with impeccable timing, my battery is about to run out. It’s a sign.

Goodnight, folks.

I’m actually writing


Well, typing. But you know what I mean.

I wrote a paragraph today that was so good I had to get up off my chair and go and get my husband to come and read it. Or maybe that was the sugar from the white chocolate magnum he’d just bought me.

Maybe it was the chocolate that helped me to write that one really good paragraph.

I hope not, because I don’t need to put on weight again. I don’t like it when my belly rolls get bigger than my boobs.

I have an assignment due in 6 days. Don’t worry, I’ve written more than one paragraph today. I’ve written quite a few. But only one was good enough to get me off my chair. I managed to take a gut feeling and work out why I was feeling it, and put it into nice, clear, concise, scientific words.

At least, I think I did. It may have been the sugar talking. Perhaps I’d better go and re-read.

In other news, I’ve joined Twitter again. If you look at who I follow you’ll know quite a lot about my entertainment preferences. There was a funny exchange between Captains Kirk and Picard over a hockey match… and Detective Ryan is doing up his garage door. I love it when we get to see that our icons are human.


I had a 90 minute one-on-one session with a personal trainer at a very new, impressively equipped gym today for … guess how much.

No really. Guess.


Okay. Sixteen dollars. And gym membership is free. I love being a student!

I think I’ve lost about 3 cm off my hips and 2 cm off my waist since I started C25K and doing weights at home. Now I just need to keep up with the programme. I didn’t go running yesterday because it was raining and I’m not quite that hardcore yet, so I’ll need to make sure I don’t wuss out tomorrow. I’m loving how it’s making me feel, and I was happy that I could manage all the exercises I was given today without too much trouble. Also, praise God that I’m well enough to do this at last!

I’m also enjoying being able to say yes to lots of things that I have had to say no to for a long time. I’ve been asked if I can help out the Cathedral choir for the next couple of weeks as they have a soprano crisis, and although I won’t be able to do any Sunday mornings because I’m rostered on at my own church, I should be able to sing Allegri’s Miserere with them for Ash Wednesday. YAY!!! That’s a beautiful piece of music, and whatever the choir members themselves believe, I will be singing it this time in a liturgical setting, not a secular one, and I am looking forward to that.

On the other hand, I would never join the Cathedral Choir. One reason I won’t encourage my kids to join the traditional church choir is because, from my experience singing with a few things with another church choir, the majority of the choir members – including the choir director – don’t believe a word of what they’re singing. Singing Christian music in a secular setting with a (really good!) secular choir is wonderful, and singing or playing with a faith-filled, Holy Spirit-minded team and leader for the purpose of leading a congregation in worship of the Living God is fantastic, but singing the words with a bunch of people who don’t care about their meaning to a bunch of people who should care but no-one cares if they care… is soul-destroying.

It’s been suggested by a visiting speaker recently in our church that having non-Christians in the worship team could be a very good thing, not a bad one. I’m inclined to agree – Jesus was all about people belonging and being welcomed, no matter who they were or what they’d done or believed – but the leader of the team must be guided by the Spirit. Otherwise we’re just putting on a concert punctuated by lectures and announcements, and we might as well sit at home and listen to the radio.

Body and soul

1, 2, 3, GO!

I’ve been thinking today I should talk about a new exercise program I’ve started. I’m using the C25K app, the free version, and finding it challenging but not so much that it puts me off doing it. C25K stands for Couch to Five Kilometres, and the idea is that you start off as a couch potato (hi!) and by the end of eight weeks you can run five k… without dying, anyway. There are three sessions per week, and (most unusually for me) I haven’t gone and looked ahead to see how the program changes as it goes along, so I’m just taking a day at a time and being forgiving on myself if I can’t quite manage the whole thing.

Today and Tuesday the program was: 5min walk, (60sec run, 90sec walk) x 8, 5min cooldown. On Tuesday I included some stretches into that cooldown walk, having not managed the last 2 run stints, and was awfully stiff all the next day – and this morning. Today instead of running round a paddock down the back of the nearby school I ran round the block – quite a long block which takes about 30 minutes at a stroll. The uphill bit at the start was a good warmup, but the uphill bit at the end nearly did for me. So again, I walked the last couple of running bits. And this time I didn’t skimp the cooldown but walked for all of it and then did a good 15 minutes of stretching. Hopefully I won’t seize up before I have to drive to church camp this evening.

Yesterday I tried a related app giving a push-ups program but it was way too hard. I think I’ll give myself a day a week each of upper body (plus core) and lower body (also plus core) strength exercises off iFitness, and then a day of aquajogging. That’s six days a week exercise, day off on Sunday. Lets see how I go.

Putting my feet up

I was just about to text Husband Sam this afternoon to say “yay, all finished with my last ever Chaplaincy Supporters’ Christmas Service, one more thing checked off the list” when I stepped onto the footpath after crossing the road, turned my ankle and nearly fell. It’s the second time I’ve turned that same ankle this week and it hurt like billy-o. I froze and tried not to cry while the two chaps who’d crossed the road with me asked if I was okay. I said “I think so”, bravely, and made some inane comment about not trying to walk and text at once. Last time I twisted my ankle I wasn’t texting but trying to fix my brooch so it would sit right. That time I actually did fall over on my butt, which made me feel ridiculous, and bent the pin of the brooch, which was a gift from my beloved mother-in-law. (It was fine, I straightened it right out again against my desk when I got to work.)

This time, though, I wasn’t even wearing heels! I’ve often fallen off the platform jandals I was wearing last time, but today it was 2-inch block-heel nice conservative pumps for the Christmas service, so why did I fall over? Perhaps my body, realising that it’s not going to get migraines any more now that I’ve quit coffee and found a good preventive regime, has to get a bit more creative to make me stop moving and shut up for a while.

I often used to twist my ankles when I was a kid. Maybe mine are a bit weak. Maybe I walk funny. God knows. Anyway, I’m now lying on the couch with two cushions at one end and a bread-bag full of melting ice-cubes at the other, a bandaged left ankle, a plate that used to have home-made biscuits on it and a mug of orange juice. And my laptop, of course. It’s amazing what your kids will do for you if you let them see you cry.

I am very thankful right now that I cooked tea last night – a big pot of soup that Mr 9 can put on the stove while Miss 4 and Mr 7 fight over who gets to make toast. I’m quite looking forward to being looked after by my kids some more. Sam will be a bit late home. Hope I’ll survive.

A shining moment

I sang in a concert today. It was lovely. I made two mistakes, one small one in my great big solo, and one quite big one, which was not as big as the one the tenors made which meant we had to abandon a piece halfway through. We finished the concert bang on time.

I got a $45 parking ticket.

That’s all the concerts over. My boys did well in their school shows – well enough, anyway – and my girl was happy enough in her ballet show and did not end up covered in lipstick this year. She’s not taking ballet next year, but will be going to gym with her brothers. I need to decide whether to keep the $50 ballet shoes for dress-ups or sell them for $15.

Now we have two more kindy friend birthday parties, the choir’s end-of-year drinks, DH’s birthday, the end-of-year service at work that I’m now playing piano for since the organists are unavailable, and my farewell morning tea at work. Plus whatever music I get rostered on for at church. Plus the kids’ service that Mr 9 is doing some kind of filming stuff for. Plus my niece’s birthday. (She’s in a different city so I’m not too stressed about that – plus I already have her present.) Have I missed anything?


I hate this time of year. The stress and running around is making me dizzy again, just a little. Sometimes it helps to remember that the Holy Family were at least as stressed as we all are, right now, travelling while heavily pregnant for the damn census, crowded, nowhere to stay, absolutely exhausted. And then the baby arrives and there’s this crazy, shining moment in the middle of it all… and then there are people after them and they have to run away, far from home, because someone is literally trying to kill him. Their baby boy.

I mean, what the heck!

And now I’ve had my moment of meditation and reflection, it’s time to go and think about tea. We’ve eaten junk food a bit this week already so I should probably see if I can find something healthy-ish. A shining moment of vegetables in the midst of a mire of chips.