Test down, essay to go

Thanks for your prayers, everyone. The test was as good as it could be. Lots of the questions were copied directly from the practice test we’d been studying from, so as long as I remembered my practice answers all right, those ones will be fine! One question I totally guessed, two or three others were pretty iffy, but the rest were okay, I think. We had three hours, and I was the first to leave, after only an hour and twenty minutes.

I’ll be okay with a 75% and happy with an 80%.

Time to stop procrastinating here and crack on with the essay due next Wednesday. Keep praying! 


Please think of me…

…tomorrow morning at 9. I have this test. Nervous systems plasticity. I’ve studied with a study group and read everything and summarised and memorised the main points and made little colour cartoons as mnemonic aids and I’m still pretty sure I’ve missed a whole lot of important detail.

Please pray for me, if you’re a praying kind of person. If you’re not, you could give it a go? Couldn’t hurt, right?