I only got two hours sleep last night, for no apparent reason. I was amped after a good choir practice, and I was on local TV, which was kind of exciting, but that doesn’t seem enough reason to keep me awake until 5.30 in the morning, which is when I finally kicked Mr Cannopener out of bed to sleep on the couch, as every time I was just about to drift off, he would start moving AGAIN. Bastard.

Actually, he’s not. I’m quite certain his parents were married.

Did you know there’s a mini rush hour at 4.45a.m.? I guess there are quite a lot of people who start work at 5.

So this morning went by in a haze of haziness, which I was mentally writing a poem about as I gratefully lay on the couch after lunch. It had something about everything swimming in a saline sea, stinging the eyes… but of course then I fell asleep, thank God, and it’s gone. Probably also better to thank God about that too.